My goal as a piano tuner is to help your piano play and sound its best!​ Tuning regularly helps keep your piano in its best shape. Having a well tuned piano increases the fun of playing and learning.
A standard tuning costs $100

I learned to sing and play piano at a very young age, and ended up studying vocal performance in University. As a singer, I performed for many organizations, including the Elmer Iseler Singers, the Elora Festival Singers, and Tafelmusik Chamber Choir. After more than 25 years performing, I decided to change my direction. But how? I'd been a performer all my life! Music was central to my daily being! And so it began, my journey from performer to piano tuner and technician.  

I am one of the last graduates of Western University's Piano Technology program and am currently working on contract to service the Music Faculty pianos there. I also help private clients maintain their pianos in their own homes. It is a supreme pleasure to be trusted with caring for these treasured possessions.

The Tuner




There are over 10,000 parts in a piano that may need repair or replacement as they age. Keeping your piano in top shape can ensure years of continued enjoyment!

Ariel Harwood-Jones

A well used piano is a well loved piano. Over time your piano will require adjustments of its mechanical parts to compensate for wear and to keep it functioning at its best.